We created this for you.

Trauma.Guru's function is set up as a foundation mark for encouragement and ethical guidance.  

Despite well-intentions, there is a  plethora of trauma literature across the web and on the bookshelves weighted with misinformation and opinions based off personal experiences.


Here you'll find evidence-based  resources, encouraging quotes, and uplifting words for guidance and motivation while you embark on your mental health journey.


You'll be welcomed into a secure and compassionate environment where we each bring our own unique "guruness."

What else do you need to know about Trauma.Guru?

Be mindful that some mental health topics CAN BE

TRIGGERING.  Here are a few examples of such topics:

  • Transgenerational trauma

  • family systems

  • LGBTQ+

  • spiritual/religious abuse

  • adults abused as children/adolescents

  • military/veterans & first responders. 

If you need to skip over some material or even just take a break please do so.  


We encourage you to be curious and compassionate toward yourself  on this journey (Trust Your Gut).


We will provide you with education and real therapeutic tools and techniques for these topics.

Safety & Disclaimer

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Trauma can have a profound impact on one mentally, physically, and spiritually.  


We are mindful of these impacts and the effects it has on one's overall quality of life.  


Sometimes, it's so much to where suicide or homicide  becomes a real option.

If you find yourself spiraling deeper into this space or are in a crisis,  please call crisis hotline: 

  • Tennessee – (800) 681-7444

  • Military Services – (866) 781-8010 

  • National - 800-273-TALK (8255)

  • 911.


If you need to, or if you are outside of the U.S., then go to your nearest emergency department for further evaluation.

Trauma.Guru and affiliates do not provide emergency or on-call services. is a content-based hub for educational and informational purposes only. 

Trauma.Guru will not be used to receive any type of therapy services or be a substitute for therapy services.  

Trauma.Guru, Cayce Brewer, and affiliates are not responsible for the actions of those who visit this site or for the emotional or personal effects one may have from the content herein.

No client relationships will be formed with anyone and we are not obligated to reply to any messages or comments.  

Remember, this is a public space and confidentiality is not 100% guaranteed.  

We will maintain ACA and AAMFT code of ethics and TN state legal obligations since this hub is based in Tennessee.  

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