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Mary J Blige Greatest Hits Rar [2022]




Based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York, Mary J. Blige says she began her solo career as a ballerina in New York’s elite dance company at the age of four, with ballet tap classes during the day, and hip-hop and jazz classes in the evening. As a girl with few peers, the people in her Harlem neighborhood took notice of the precocious teenager. Among them was an up-and-coming rapper and self-taught producer, named Sean Combs. He was the ninth of 11 children born to a single mother, and also had two brothers and three sisters. He was 13 years older than his older sister. “I was very similar to him,” Blige says of Combs. “He had that same energy. We both loved hip-hop. We both loved to get up on the mic, and we both loved to write. It’s just that he was the older brother that I looked up to.” Combs and Blige remained friends for years after meeting. “He started calling me ‘princess,’ because he thought I was very reserved,” she says. “He saw that I was more reserved. We were very similar. We had the same sense of humor, and we both loved to laugh. He also loved to read a lot of books. He told me that he was going to go to college. He said, ‘If I was going to go back to school, I was going to study medicine, and then I was going to be a doctor.’” Eventually, he gave up college in favor of music and rap. “He just knew that he was going to have a different perspective on the world,” Blige says. “He felt as though he needed to focus on his music.” She took some college classes herself, and also held down a number of jobs in New York, including a daycare center. She later worked as a kindergarten teacher, and has also taught preschool and first grade, in addition to working as a doula (a labor and delivery nurse). In 1998, she was cast as the lead in the role of Regina Cane, in a production of The Wiz, based on the 1975 animated film. The show ran for two years, on Broadway and off-Broadway. She later released




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