Cayce Brewer, MAEd, LMFT, NCC 

I have devoted my life to loving God, loving others, and serving the world.  

I'm dedicated in making a change within the mental health system and my journey began at the bottom level of this system.

As a client myself during adolescence (having a very poor experience) and spending quality time with those who have been marginalized, motivated me to shed light on the dysfunction within systems such as: 


-religious sects

-occupational settings

-mental health care organizations

-societal oppression of marginalized groups.


As I moved up in the mental health academic system, I began more direct outreach. I spent more time working with and getting to know those who were directly affected from the oppression and marginalization by the system:

-racial/cultural minorities

-people living in poverty



-military combat veterans

-senior citizens


-people with cognitive impairments/below average intelligence

-sex trafficking victims/survivors

-children in foster care

-people with behavioral/substance use addictions

-people with serious or persistent mental health conditions

12 years and counting toward my mission for Trauma.Guru:

I’ve worked in downtown Nashville doing mental health outreach in homeless camps, shelters, inner city homes (the projects/government funded housing/section 8), juvenile detention centers, and inner city schools.


I’ve worked in an inpatient hospital as a mental health tech and a therapist.  I've had to privilege to work with every single marginalized population, that I listed above, in community mental health.


I’ve had the experience of seeing the inner workings of a private practice where our drive and passion was serving those who served. Specifically, combat soldiers, veterans, and first responders including their families.


I’ve traveled to people’s homes, who so graciously welcomed me in even though I was a person they didn’t know, who was there to help but is also attached to the same system they rightfully so DO NOT TRUST and continues to oppress them. Ranging from the rural areas of TN to the inner city projects.


I’ve had the honor of doing outreach and connecting with sex trafficking survivors and serving the community when natural disaster's occur.


These experiences on my journey have been in part of my career, my education, and my own personal time.


I WANT THIS TO ENCOURAGE YOU so that you can graciously make a stand with me and know that anything is possible.

About Me (Therapist):

I have a master's of arts and education (MAEd),  licensure as a marital and family therapist (LMFT), and a nationally certified counselor (NCC).  

Currently, I'm a Ph.D. student in clinical counseling teaching and supervision at a university located right downtown in the heart of Nashville.

I am a multicultural competent and trauma-informed clinician with a strong  desire to learn.


I have extensive training and experience in addressing trauma-related disorders among military personnel, veterans, first responders, families, couples, adolescents, and adults abused as children.

Specifically, complex posttraumatic stress disorder (CPTSD), dissociative disorders, traumatic grief and loss, shame, guilt, moral injury, sexual issues, and religious/spiritual abuse.

I have specialized training in working with family’s in distress, couples seeking premarital counseling, and couples in marital crisis.

I have training at the basic and advanced levels of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

I have been trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and I have been trained as a facilitator in PREPARE/ENRICH which enables me to provide premarital counseling.

I also utilize treatment approaches of Adlerian, internal family systems (IFS), structural family therapy, and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) in my practice.

Dark One Within:

Such big chains hold you down

Keeping you from escaping and taking over this town

You once were so innocent and always playful

Now you are starving and just plain hateful

I wish I could tell you to not be afraid

But there's a war going on so you try to be brave

Those chains hold you down so damn tight

Only making things worse and you ready to fight

Please tell me why evil showed it's face that one day

Changing your soul into a dark mound of clay

I try to hide you so deep within

Yet you continue to emerge every time I sin

Lord please forgive me and the dark one who lives within.

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